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Club Committee

a. The Club Committee shall consist of the following Club Officers: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary, plus up to 30 other members, elected at an Annual General Meeting. The Club adopts a Management Team (officers) framework that carry our specific roles and responsibilities on behalf of the Club to ensure its smooth operation in all matters. These include: Operations Manager, Finance Manager, Commercial Manager, General Manager, Marketing and Communication Manager, Projects Manager, Football Development Manager, Club Welfare Manager/Officer, Bar and Catering Manager.

b. Each Club Officer and Club Committee Member shall hold office from the date of appointment until the next Annual General Meeting unless otherwise resolved at a Special General Meeting. Each Officer shall re-stand for the post (or any other vacant post, as set out below) and receive a second vote accordingly unless that officer chooses to stand down from their post and in such case the post will be advertised at least 14 days prior to the AGM. One person may hold no more than two positions of Club Officer at any time. The Club Committee/Management Team shall be responsible for the management of all the affairs of the Club. Decisions of the Club Committee shall be made by a simple majority of those attending the Club Committee meeting. The Chairperson of the Club Committee/Management Team meeting shall have a casting vote in the event of a tie. Meetings of the Club Committee shall be chaired by the Chairperson or in their absence the Vice-Chairperson. The quorum for the transaction of business of the Club Committee shall be three.

c. Decisions of the Club Committee/Management Team of meetings shall be entered into the Minute Book of the Club to be maintained by the Club Secretary.

d. Any five members of the Club Committee/Management Team may call a meeting of the Club Committee by giving not less than 7 days notice, in writing, to the Club Chair, stipulating the reasons and grounds for the request. The Club Committee shall hold not less than four meetings a year.

e. An outgoing member of the Club Committee may be re-elected. Any vacancy on the Club Committee, which arises between Annual General Meetings, shall be filled by a member proposed by one and seconded by another of the remaining Club Committee members and approved by a simple majority of the remaining Club Committee members.

f. Save as provided for in the Rules and Regulations of The Football Association and the County Association to which the Club is affiliated, the Club Committee shall have the power to decide all questions and disputes arising in respect of any issue concerning the Club Rules.

Annual and Special General Meeting
a. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held in each year to:
  (i)    receive a report of the activities of the Club over the previous year;
  (ii)   receive a report of the Club’s finances over the previous year;
  (iii)  elect the members of the Club Committee/Executive Committee;
  (iv)  consider any other business.

b. Nominations for election of members as Club Officers or as members of the Club Committee/Executive Committee shall be made in writing by the proposer and seconder, both of whom must be existing members of the Club, to the Club Secretary not less than 21 days before the AGM. Notice of any resolution to be proposed at the AGM shall be given in writing to the Club Secretary not less than 21 days before the Meeting.

c. A Special General Meeting (SGM) may be called at any time by the Committee and shall be called within 21 days of the receipt by the Club Secretary of a requisition in writing signed by not less than five members stating the purposes for which the Meeting is required and the resolutions proposed. Business at an SGM may be any business that may be transacted at an AGM.

d. The Secretary shall send to each member at their last known address written notice of the date of a General Meeting together with the resolutions to be proposed at least 14 days before the Meeting

e. The quorum for a General Meeting shall be eight.

f. The Chairperson, or in their absence a member selected by the Club Committee, shall take the chair. Each member present shall have one vote and resolutions shall be passed by a simple majority. In the event of an equality of votes the Chairperson of the Meeting shall have a casting vote.

g. The Club Secretary, or in their absence a member of the Club Committee, shall enter Minutes of General Meetings into the Minute Book of the Club.

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